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While I was traveling to Belgium on a Chocolate exploration/tasting tour, was pleasantly surprised when asked about Chockriti. I was expected to know Chockriti since I was from India! Was told that Chockriti is the only chocolatier to be qualified for the International chocolate awards 2013. Such is the influence India has started having in the international stage..! 


Thank you so much again!? Talked to Mom yesterday and she was loving loving loving the chocolates and felt like she was home again :)..You are spreading joy to people you don't even know, but who know you now. What a beautiful purpose in life. 


This was top notch and so delicious. In 67 years I don't eat chocolate and now I want this!? 


I and my son were both very impressed with the quality of the tru es, the real chocolate taste (.., and the truly original, refined and well balanced flavours associated. we are used to taste very high quality, fancy as well as classical tru e in France, and feel quite miserable here when it comes to finding genuinely good chocolate tru e in Delhi ..but now we have and we are so excited! Chockriti chocolates are real high standard and we are both thankful!!


I had the chance to taste these amazing chocolates, they are DE-LI-CIOUS. And not only tasty but also so original, so new, so unique, it is a revolution! I could feel the real flavors and believe that chocolates are filled with authentic quality ingredients, such as Earl Grey or Wasabi. My heart broke for the Ka r ganache enrobed in dark chocolate shell. Congratulations! 


Vegan Cardamon co ee: Fabulous!! Perfect balance of co ee and cardamon and those are balanced perfectly with the chocolate. Vegan Ka r lime: delicious . I really like the thinness of the hard chocolate and the creaminess of the inside – perfect crunch to smooth ratio. Vegan orange blossom: Wow! Loved it! The fragrance is beautiful and the orange blossom flavor is very delicate and wonderful. Never had anything like that in chocolate. Vegan Green Tea Jasmine: Delicious chocolate flavor and again really good texture. You are very good at this and I hope your business thrives. It is not easy to find really high quality vegan chocolates and I hope you will continue to make them. Thank you so much for being willing to experiment with this for me. Thank you! 


Facebook Reviews

Thanks for the wonderful chocolates...they were truly delicious...n packaging was really impressive...
thanks a ton...keep up the good work...

Rahul Sekhri - Feb 14, 2019 

One of the finest bespoke chocolate Brands out there at the moment. We ordered the BonBons and Truffles. Sometimes chocolate can be too intensely chocolate but these products are different. These were a fine balance between taste, aesthetic, and overall presentation.

Varun Veigas - Dec 26, 2018

Best chocolates with so many delicious and unusual flavors. Every taste is a treat, love the variety of Indian flavors, all natural, not too sweet, but truly a delectable treat. A box makes a perfect hostess gift, no one else makes chocolates quite like these.

Gourmet chocolates

Elizabeth Murdoch - Aug 2, 2018

So these amazing chocolates were just delivered to my niece in India in under 5 hrs. I’m based in the US and ordered them online. They had it to her, in time for her birthday, in an a cooling delivery package to beat the heat. Wowed by the beyond delicious chocolates(so my 10 yr old niece and my sister tell me) and the service.

Nalini Mehta - April 26, 2018

My best chocolate experience so far! Amazing service, where every detail was handled professionally and a beautiful personal touch was created to deliver a gift package. The chocolate itself was of an outstanding quality and the unique combinations with Indian spices, such as cardamom, betel leaf, cashews is simply irresistible! I cannot think of any other chocolate provider that combines taste with elegance and adds a unique personal touch! I strongly recommend that you try these delicious Chockriti Chocolates soon!!

Ishita Sinha - Mar 1, 2018

My first byte took my taste buds to a different realm of one of its kind experience. The amulgunation of pure chocolate with different Indian herbs and fragrances was ecstatic for the senses and blissful to the mind. Great job Pragaty 😻

Shikha Kaushal - Oct 24, 2017

BEST Chocolates EVER �. 
These chocolates are out of the world. Super delicious.

Jenis Arora - Aug 15, 2017

Thnku for this wonderful choclate.i hav never tasted this befor.wen i saw this online thot i order but my mind clicked how was d taste??is it tasty or not?omg no wonder its amazing.n thnku so much for the delivery u made it asap...will order u soon😋

Shubham Agrawal - Jan 28, 2019

Received personalized chocolate boxes in USA straight from Delhi, just in time for Diwali party.....packed with so much love ❤️.
Rose petals kept the boxes fragrant and cold packs helped keep chocolate intact.
Chocolate flavors so unique.....we could taste the spices and herbs infused in 🍫.

Loved the bon bons and chocolate bars.
Thank you so much Chockriti .......until next time!

Asmita Jawarkar-Ambardekar - Nov 3, 2018

Delicious and obviously extremely high quality chololates. The paan chocolate has an intense flvour of gulkand perfectly balanced by bitter cocoa. Heavenly!!! The packaging and delivery was also fantastic.

Vandini Mehta - April 26, 2018

Thanks aton Pragati Sawhney for this amazing bundle of joy & happiness ... these bars were just out of the world specially the ganache onces .. CantResistThemUntilTheirAllOver ... Its a crazy waalaa addiction desert for the soul�

Rachita Agarwal - April 22, 2018

Absolutely divine chocolates with most exotic flavours. A little bit of chocolate heaven in each bite �

Noopur Agarwall - Jan 7, 2018

Just bought my lil pack of delicacies today � loved it�

Smridhi Malhotra - Aug 26, 2017

I wanted to experience something unique, and my search ended at Chockriti. The chocolatier understood my requirement and helped me select the flavours and each one of them are just awesome. I would highly recommend those chocolates to anyone, to try at least once. I'm sure you'll be tempted to order again as I'm just gonna do after writing this...specially the Paan flavour.

Sachin Bhatnagar - June 24, 2017

Luxury Chocolates from India

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