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Chockriti Bon Bons

Chockriti Chocolates derive their name from Chockriti which means Fine Chocolate Work of Art- “Choc” is short for Chocolate and “Kriti” means “Work of Art” in Sanskrit. The interesting fact about Chockriti lotus flower is that it symbolizes the purity and goodness in all the ingredients and signifies the abundance in nature from where they come from.
 Inspired by India's culture and traditions, Chockriti curates the best luxury Indian chocolates that are not only beautiful but best represent flavors of India.  With rare flavors in chocolates not available anywhere else in India and some worldwide as well like Thandai, Goat Cheese, African Rooibos Tea, Zataar, Kaffir lime, Lavender etc.

The rich contemporary dark chocolate bon bons are made in small batches with 55-100 percent premium Belgian cacao married with fresh brews of organic real dried flowers, tea, herbs, spices and nuts from around the world. They not only provide therapeutic powers of the natural ingredients but also contain no added sugar, butter, vegetable oil, corn syrup, invertase, alcohol or artificial flavorings. The products include vegan, and leave the modern palate with a unique gastronomical experience. 

Chockriti Bon Bons Gallery

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