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The Five Elements of Luxury Chocolates

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Luxury chocolates, just like other luxury items, are distinguished by the quality of the materials, innovation, and time-consuming techniques. Luxury chocolates are the epitome of refined indulgence, offering a sensory journey through exceptional taste, craftsmanship, and presentation. From exquisite flavors to careful hand packaging, every aspect of the chocolates is curated to provide a truly exceptional experience. Below are the five elements that make chocolates luxurious.

Chockriti Luxury Chocolates
Chockriti Luxury Chocolates

Elements that make luxury chocolates exceptional

1. The Finest Ingredients for Unmatched Taste

Single Origin Indian Organic Bean to Bar
Single Origin Indian Organic Bean to Bar

Luxury chocolates, as with all items of luxury, are distinguished by the quality of their raw materials-ingredients that have known origins and tested through time. At Chockriti we source our cacao from known suppliers from organic single-origin plantations in South India and/or fine fair-trade cacao from Belgium depending on the chocolates we make. The vendors are selected after months of research and R&D with our ingredients to give the highest quality and taste to customers. See the video of the organic farm we visited in Mangaluru for our cacao.

Whole Natural Jasmine Flowers
Whole Natural Jasmine Flowers

All our flavor ingredients are natural high-grade teas, flowers, herbs, and spices from around the world that we extract in our own workshop. Chockriti gourmet natural chocolates are true to their origin, void of added sugar, butter, vegetable oil, corn syrup, invertase, alcohol, or artificial flavorings. All chocolates are further labeled with the calorie count along with nutritional information.

2. Sustainability

The cacao brands we source from are both sustainable and fair-trade. Please see this video of our visit to the sustainable organic Single Origin Indian cacao farm in 2019.

They ensure great emphasis on quality control throughout the entire chocolate-making process. The cacao beans of India are of the Trinitario and Forastero varieties. Below are the pictures of the visit o the Indian far during the harvest season.

The cacao beans of the Belgian brand come from Ecuador, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. To get more information about the brand's sustainable model, please click here: Callebaut With a simple QR scan and by entering the unique batch code on every pack, we can trace the chocolate back to the farmer communities where they source the cocoa beans.

At Chockriti, the waste of our chocolate production is used to create aromatic natural preservative-free soaps and candles. Due to the cacao butter in the chocolate, the soaps are gentle and skin moisturizing. The candles are paraffin-free and eco-friendly. More information and pictures soon as we launch in retail.

3. Craftsmanship and Techniques That Elevate Chocolates

Making Of Chocolate Bon Bon Shells
Making Of Chocolate Bon Bon Shells

Craftsmanship plays a vital role in creating luxury chocolates. Expert chocolatiers possess an exceptional level of skill and experience, using traditional techniques combined with innovative ideas. Our chocolates at Chockriti are made in small batches, using traditional techniques with meticulous diligence. The time-consuming process helps us create perfect pieces of art in chocolate.

At Chockriti, we temper chocolates by hand in small batches and create thin shells by hand painting. We do not use pre-made industrial fillings or artificial flavors for our chocolates. We tediously extract our flavors from the whole natural ingredients by brewing the overnight in cream and straining the flavored cream for our ganache the next day. From tempering the chocolate to creating abstract designs with art brushes, every step in the confectionary process is executed by the chocolatier with precision.

The video below: How it is made: Kashmiri Kahwa Dark Chocolate Filled Bar

4. Exquisite Flavors That Evoke Pure Bliss

Mogra and Jamun Chockriti Dark Bar
Mogra and Jamun Chockriti Dark Bar

Rooted in India's culture and traditions, Chockriti brings chocolates that reflect the spirit of India. Flavors reconstructed from delicacies of Indian festivals and cuisines like the Banaras Paan, RoohAfza, Kulfi, Thandai, Sandalwood, Mogra, and Jamun.

The authentic aromas are tedious extractions of fresh brews of organic dried flowers, teas, herbs, and spices kept overnight in French cream. We do not add artificial essences, invertase, corn syrup, or use pre-made fillings for our bars or bonbons.

Chockriti Earl Grey Tea Bon Bon
Chockriti Earl Grey Tea Bon Bon

For the Indian modern palate, Chockriti also includes world flavors like Arabic Zataar spice and African Rooibos tea. We source these teas, and spices from selected vendors around the world.

Check out more here at Chockriti Bon Bon Menu

5. Exquisite Packaging That Reflects Elegance

We are constantly creating beautiful innovative creations inspired by nature, culture, and world cuisines. However, for me, beauty is the full experience of all the senses not just how they look. It is also the aromas of the finest ingredients when you open the box, the sounds of snap when breaking a good well-tempered chocolate bar, feeling the textures of the soft elegant packaging when opening, and most importantly the taste of chocolate themselves. We aspire to create a full experience and say true to our brand name Chockriti-"Choc" means Chocolate and "Kriti" means Fine Work of Art.

Customised Wedding Favors
Customised Wedding Favors

Luxury chocolates make an ideal gift for

special occasions. Presenting a box of customized luxury chocolates shows thoughtfulness and a desire to indulge

the recipient. The exquisite taste, impeccable presentation, and attention to detail make luxury chocolates a memorable and meaningful gift that is sure to impress.

At Chockriti Chocolates, we customize special gifts and suggest non-chocolate gifts from our hand-picked vendors. Check out our past corporate gifts and wedding invites We even customize individual special gifts.

All boxes are door delivered through our premier logistics partner in insulated cold packaging. Our elegant packaging includes pearl, and gold finished, elegant bar and Bon Bon gift boxes, antique glass trays, textured square boxes in satin ribbons, and matching hamper sets. All boxes are personalized with handwritten messages, adding a touch of exclusivity.

To sum it up, luxury chocolates are the epitome of refined indulgence, offering a sensory journey through exceptional taste, craftsmanship, and presentation. From the finest ingredients and expert techniques to exquisite flavors and elegant packaging, every aspect of luxury chocolates is carefully curated to create a truly exceptional experience.

Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one, indulging in luxury chocolates is a celebration of life's sweetest moments. Opening a box of luxury chocolates like Chockriti Chocolates is like unwrapping a treasure, elevating anticipation and enjoyment.

Savor each bite and let the symphony of flavors transport you to a world of pure bliss.

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