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Chockriti is a designer luxury chocolate store that brings art, purity, and innovative experiences in chocolate. Born in India in 2011, the name Chockriti means fine work of art in chocolate. “Choc” is short for Chocolate and “Kriti” means “Work of Art” in Sanskrit. The lotus flower symbolizes the purity and goodness in all the ingredients and signifies the abundance in nature from where they come. Read more here


Fine chocolate stands apart from its counterparts due to its commitment to using pure ingredients extracted directly from cacao beans. The cocoa "liquor" and cocoa butter, obtained through a series of specialized techniques like harvesting, fermenting, drying, roasting, kibbling to nibs, grinding, and pressing, form the essence of fine chocolate. By meticulously extracting every precious drop of liquor and butter from the nibs, chocolatiers ensure the highest quality and purity in their creations. Read about Bean to Bar here.  Also read about the five elements that make luxury chocolates


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The World Collection

Artisan Chockriti Bars in natural infusions and fresh hand brewed ganaches


Seasonal Small Batch

Hand made Chockriti Bon Bons in fresh brews of teas, flowers, spices and herbs.


Customise Your Gift

Let us curate and customise your gift or choose from our luxe options.





Shipped Anywhere


Dark chocolate over 70 percent prevent the rise of diabetes, BP, Blood Sugar, Cardiac diseases, depression and aging while increasing metabolism and overall wellness. You can check out some myths of chocolate in our article here.
Chockriti best dark chocolate in India uses 100 percent real chocolate with rich cacao butter and no added butter, corn syrup, invertase, sugar, artificial essences or chemical preservatives.  A 10g Bon Bon piece is 50 calories and a 25 g bar is 110 calories.its mission is “Saving good people from bad chocolate and promoting wellness with good chocolate”

Chockriti is certified from the Ecole Chocolat, The chocolates qualified for the International Chocolate Awards twice and were also featured at the Amsterdam Chocoa Festival 2015. All the products are FSSAI and US FDA compliant with calorie counts per piece/bar. Flavors are uniquely created by tedious extractions of real natural flowers, teas, herbs and spices giving natural aroma and fresh experience. Where Arabic Zaatar Spice, French Lavender or Indian Paan, all flavors are authentic and true to its origin.

Fine chocolate comprise purest ingredients of cocoa “liquor” and cocoa butter directly extracted from the cacao beans. The chocolate making involves specific techniques of harvesting, fermenting, drying, roasting, kibbling to nibs, grinding and pressing. Natural cane sugar and soy lecithin natural emulsifier bind the cocoa liquor and butter together. Due all these, the finished chocolate gets its fineness and grade. Chockriti uses only the finest European cacao from Belgium and France like Dezaan, Cacao Barry, Valhrona and Callebuat

With our convenient hassle-free international store, competitive shipping rates and easy payment options, Chockriti Chocolates is the best online chocolate store in India. With FedEx and DHL logistic partner, the chocolates are delivered in all countries and reach customers at their doorstep within two-three days within safe cold insulated packages. Now you can send chocolates to India or anywhere in the world from our website.