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Chockriti™ Chocolates is a fine art chocolatier specializing in all-natural artisanal chocolates from soy lecithin free cacao farms in South India and premium cacao from Belgium. Founded in 2011, it is India’s first pure 100 percent cacao artisan chocolates with a twofold mission of “Saving Good People from Bad Chocolate!!” and “Bringing art, purity and creativity in chocolate products made in India”.

   Reeling inspiration from the Indian cultural roots, the name Chockriti means Fine Chocolate Work of Art- “Choc” is short for Chocolate and “Kriti” means “Work of Art” in Sanskrit. The lotus flower symbolizes the purity and goodness in the ingredients. Rare flavors not available anywhere else in India and some worldwide as well like Thandai, Goat Cheese, African Rooibos Tea, Zataar, Kaffir lime, Lavender etc. The rich contemporary bars and truffle are made in small batches with 55-100 percent cacao married with fresh brews of organic real dried flowers, tea, herbs, spices and nuts from around the world with no added sugar, butter, vegetable oil, corn syrup, invertase, alcohol or artificial flavorings. The products include vegan, sugar and soy lecithin free and leave the modern palate with a unique gastronomical experience with added health benefits of only pure dark chocolate and therapeutic properties of natural teas, flowers, spices and herbs.




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"Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2015"

Dr Pragati Sawhney is a dentist, with a Masters in Public Health from Columbia  University New York and founder of Chockriti Chocolates. She learnt making chocolates while trying to find healthier chocolates. 

             At a chance chocolate making class while visiting Delhi, India in 2011, she was disturbed to find that homemade “chocolate” spread all over India was not made with real cacao or cacao butter but cocoa compound and vegetable oil with unhealthy artificial flavor syrups, white sugar, and sweeteners instead of real cacao and cacao butter. Besides no public awareness, there was no nutritional labeling or regulations to control the growing trend damaging to public health.

Dr Pragati researched for months about issues and worked full time over coming barriers to launch called Chockriti Chocolates, India premier natural artisan chocolates end of 2011 with an added social mission (click here). The products sold internationally, are made with 100 percent real cacao from Europe and fresh brews of organic raw teas, flowers, spices and herbs with both US FDA and FSSAI compliant safe nutritional labeling. There is no added sugar*, vegetable oil, butter or artificial ingredients including commercial flavors or colors. She makes each chocolate herself in small batches.

      She is certified from Ecole Chocolat, has customers globally and in 2015 won the “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 nationally hosted by TieCon and Power2SME. Read Here 

  Chockriti Chocolates was also in the final 21 most innovative start ups all over India selected by Lufthansa and Times of India for their show Runway to Success Season 4.


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