Because good people deserve better chocolate..~Diwali 2017~Organic Rose Indian Paan truffleWorld FlavorsFilled truffle bars~Bon Bon Boutique~~Tea Chocolates~Rustic veganExtra dark with rare infusionsClassic Fine Truffles

Because good people deserve better chocolate..

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~Diwali 2017~

Fine cacao Bon Bons made with 55% Belgian cacao, premium French cream and hand picked selected whole ingredients in Diwali mithai inspired flavors _ Moti Choor Ladoo, Kaju Katli, Gulab Jamun and Banaras Paan~

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Organic Rose Indian Paan truffle

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World Flavors

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Filled truffle bars~

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Bon Bon Boutique~

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~Tea Chocolates~

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Rustic vegan

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Extra dark with rare infusions

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Classic Fine Truffles

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Bars on glass brocade antique tray


  • USD: $ 11.70

Handmade wood and fiber tray with antique finish and silk brocade fabric.

Two gourmet Chockriti bars- 100% Belgian cacao (55% dark) in your choice of flavors

Complimentary packing and card

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Two assorted gourmet Chockriti bars made with fine Belgian dark chocolate (54- 72%), 100 % pure cacao butter, premium cream, fresh therapeutic brews of organic flowers, teas, herbs and spices. All chocolates are hand tempered and fillings are hand brewed in small batches of 12 bars/bon bons at most at one time. As no added sugar, essence, preservatives, vegetable oils or invertase are added, products need to be stored air tight in cool fridge temperature where they can last three months. However flavors can diminish with time so recommend to eat as fresh as possible. The chocolate could get light streaks (bloom) due to sudden changes of temperature during transition however please note product is good to eat.

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Weight 470 g


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