• Turkish Coffee 65% (Organic Indian Cacao)

     This Bean to Bar chocolate is organically grown Indian cacao from a single estate and origin from the oldest organic farm in Mangaluru, with only two ingredients- pure cacao and pure Palmyra Palm Jaggery. They is no Soy Lecithin or Vanilla added.


    Turkish Coffee 65%

    Ingredients: Organic Indian Cacao (65%), Organic Cacao butter, Organic Palmyra Jaggary, pure natural coffee and cardamom extracts.



    This chocolate is dark bitter and less sweet than the 55% Belgian Cacao Chockriti products.

    • We prefer to make the products fresh as possible. 

    • Calories per bar 220 kJ
      Serving per bar 2
      Calories per serving 110 KJ
      Serving size 25g
      Qty. per 25 g
      Carbohydrates 8g
      Protiens 2.2g
      Fats 9.7g
      Sugar 6.5g