• Luxury Indian Chocolate Bar Rakhi Box

    Luxury Indian Chocolate Bar Rakhi Box


    4 assorted Bars- 55% Belgian Dark Chocolate in unique flavors


    100% handmade, in small batches, using all
    natural cacao, whole teas, flowers, spices, herbs and
    fruits. No compound chocolate, vegetable oil, transfat,
    corn syrup, invertase, egg, butter or artificial


    Box comes with complimentary Rakhi, Roli, Rice, Tikka and personal message card. Please email at Chocolates@chockriti.com to curate your own box combinations 



    Refrigerate in an air and moisture tight container. A white film can sometimes appear due to temperature changes however please note the chocolate is good to eat with no effect on quality.

    Best before six months of manufacturing date.